Sunday, April 16, 2006

King for a day

The beat of the drums in unison,
The pipes blown rhythmically.
The throng of believers all around .
The gold that adorns me.
Yes, I’ll have it all.
For I am a king today.

I should be happy for the honor
But a heavy price I did pay.
The agony, etched in my memory
Still chills the bones.
I remember too,
The unheard cries and moans.

Silver chains cover my bruises.
Embellished imprisonment.
And the captors shall line up
To seek my blessings!
There will be ceremonies for me
And, deities to kneel before.
And few nibbles of food.
A token of appreciation and more.

But all I long for is to go back.
To my mother and friends.
Under the blue skies
Amidst the trees and vines.
All I want is to be myself.
Unbridled. Unhurt.