Tuesday, December 10, 2013

To the best of your ability

There is a huge difference between doing a job well and doing a job to the best of your ability. While the former is most times a goal impossible to achieve, the latter is within everyone's grasp at all times. The former is a goal often set by others. They lay the parameters to judge your effort and mark you a success. Where as doing the job to the best of your ability means you succeed no matter what the results are and how others evaluate it. It empowers you. Just realizing this truth dissolved my stress!
I was getting bitter and angry at having to get so many things done. And then I realized that I cannot do everything well. I just have to do everything to the best of my ability.


Purnima Iyer (Poornima Seetharaman) said...

Well said!

Balachandran V said...

That's it! Just change the gears and cruise.... Nothin' is gonna happen... :-)