Saturday, January 31, 2009

An active 7 month old baby can be quite a handful as I discover first hand. My girl rolls and tumbles reaching for all interesting things within her horizon and she is not even crawling. I will need to be on skates when she does, and hope I can keep pace with her!!! I now sense her slowly evolving into a child from an infant. She can show what she feels with a growing armory of expressions. A disarming smile that can light up the sky, bubbling, with arms that fling towards you demanding to be held, kicks when she doesn’t like the fact that you have sat down after walking her up and down the world... chuckles when she is really happy about something, usually when she is lifted high in the air or when you lay your head on her tummy, a scared expression runs through her face at every unfamiliar sound seeking reassurance from you. A smile from you means all is well. I now understand the movie "Life is beautiful" where Roberto Benini never loses his sense of humor even in the milieu of the concentration camp refusing to let it get to his son, Smiling in adversity, reassuring... things aren't that bad! I am looking forward to the days when she is more mobile... more expressive and says "amma"!!!
It’s hard to imagine what she was like... a tiny helpless bundle snuggling in your arms. And now it’s like watching a tiny bud open slowly to soak in the sunshine. When I look at her fresh supple skin I become aware of my own drying skin. There are more grey strands visible and unfortunately these are the strongest of strands! While she represents the fresh and the youth I realize life is running out fast. For her the sun rises and I am closer to the sunset. The circle of life charges on. The old and withering leaves must fall and give way to spring and soft fresh green delicate new leaves.