Sunday, December 25, 2005

"How long will we remain content celebrating our potential even as we restrain ourselves from realising it?.... We must shed the fear of the unknown and have the self confidence to take risks, to experiment, to think and act differently....
Prime minister, Manmohan Singh, writes for India today, 30th anniversary issue.

merry christmas and a happy new year 2006!

lets hope we all realise at least a part of our potential in the new year


Thursday, December 15, 2005

i like the concept of GOD. it makes me smile. happy. It really doesnt make any difference whether He does exist in fact. or doesn't. It is nice to think of a strong power that causes everything to happen and controls everything, who holds on his whims the dissolution of the entire universe.

if you have questions regarding what happens to us after death or what is consciousness or where does the soul of our body reside, do read CELEBRATING DEATH by DR. JOHN MUMFORD.
it helps answer some of those queries of the seeker...
worry not. it is not morbid but spiritual in content. a must read for the spiritually inclined.

i would like to quote (not necessarily verbatim) from the book.

there are five kinds of bodies or five components of the human existance...

physical also annamaya kosha: the physical matter made up of five elementswhich seekd nourishment in the form of air food water... this body runs with calories from the food we eat along with other minerals water and oxygen. this falls in the realm of physical science.

etheric body also pranamaya kosha:this is a matrix of pure energy that supports and feeds the physical body . this runs on prana (chi or the holy ghost according to your belief)it is a system of pranic irrigational channels or nadis and there are key nodes (referred in acupressure. the phantom limb that amputees experience can be attributed to the etheric body.

Astral (emotional) also manamaya kosha:it is a body glued together or held by emotion or feeling. the so called illusion or maya inducing being.

Mental body also vijnamaya kosha: the intellect or buddhi capable of logic (note that it exists beyond the physical body)

Spiritual body also anandmaya kosha: The spiritual body which is our essence and our consciousness. that part which is one with the cosmic consciousness. into which it must merge in the end being purified of the taints of all attachments to other bodies.

world space comes as a boon to music lovers... imagine about 40 channels
of music crossing all genres that one might be interested in... if that
isnt elexir then what i am not getting paid by WS to say all this. but then someone
passionate about music would know why i am all excited...
indian and western classical... hindi film songs old and new.. pop, hip
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and a few regional music
channels. for the well informed u can also catch up with the latest news on
BBC CNN and NDTV.... case u have a spiritual frame of mind u also have
couple of those including art of living where u can listen to lively talks
sprinkled with humour by sri sri ravi shanker..
what better way to kick start the day...
does that whett ure appetite???

happy listening

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

a wee bit of an idea
fleets into my mind.
its beauty and simplicity leaves me enthralled...
where did it come from?

as suddenly as it appeared,
it promises to dissolve itself
into the limitless ocean of my consciousness
cluttered with thoughts numerous
entering unabated unsolicited thru' the senses

i spring up to record it for eternity
but my mind loses its grasp on the force of the idea
it slips away from the bondage of my mind
and disappears with out a trace...
here i am left musing
on just a shadow of something
i knew was beautiful like a dream
that wakes me up filling
my heart with hope and joy
but only the fragrance remains,
lost is its being.
i mourn the death.
May be it will rise again
from its mysterious womb
in some other moment of time
in a different mind.

kaalpanik ... imaginary... illusory... maya...virtual?

from kalpana. meaning imagination.

my apellation

call and i will answer.

knock and the door to my world opens. take a peek into my mind...

my husband never fails to remind me that he conjured up the name......

thanks abhi!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


the majestic beast of the wild...

our national animal...

fighting its last battle to survive.

After the success of Project Tiger under the governance of Indira Gandhi, everyone thought they had done their best to nurture the tiger away from extinction .... but sucessive years of neglect and incessant poaching has taken a huge toll.
So much that the tiger is left in the dwindling forests of this country fighting its last battle to survive the human greed and neglect. this is THE last chance to do something ere we are left admiring the animals grace in museums and photo archives. Our national animal to our national relic?

and if that doesn't move you, here's something that will.
no tigers..... no forests.
no rains
no rains.... no humans.

visit the link given below and pledge your support as i have already.
make a difference .

also check out other getinvolved links @

Here's something you can do.

"if the buying stops, so will the killing" National Geographic

A piece of the cyber pie in my name....

Where these damn thoughts running through my head can finally rest in peace. Amen.

Thoughts like ripples, disturbing the placid waters of the mind...

let them flow through the unfathomable virtual space...

may be to take root in some far away fertile garden and bear flowers.