Sunday, February 27, 2011

He likes her. But he has competition. He is invited to a duel. They both fight till he is injured. He runs away, vanquished. He doesn't nurse a vengeance. No envy. Just plain acceptance. He moves on.
That happens only on animal planet
Happy to report this

I usually buy my groceries from a Reliance Fresh outlet near my office. I take my own shopping bag but when you are buying vegetables, they used to have these plastic bags to keep the beans and carrots from getting mixed up,. So no sorting out to be done later when you are stashing the veggies into the refrigerator. I would cringe at the plastic bags.
The last time I was shopping there, they had paper bags instead.
Isn't that great?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blast in the past

I was quite annoyed yesterday when I heard the radio jockey on the local FM station repeat in “todays world cup match” a few times… A bad cold didn’t help. “Ids toborrow, you fwool”, I blurted out to the radio, piqued. That’s when my husband pointed out. They were reenacting India’s world cup triumph of 1983. So for one day, Radio Mango, Calicut took on a retro hue. They played music from that year, talked about movies that released in 83’. The news snippets were dug out from the archives of June 25th 1983 as also the gold and oil prices. Commercials sounded like they were created in the 80’s as well. A time when LPG Gas cylinder was a novelty, black and white TVs were a luxury, even though color TVS had come. You bought petrol at 6 Rs a liter, and diesel at 3 Rs. Gold cost the father of the bride, 1392 Rs for 10 gms. And of course in between, they relayed cricket updates of the final played at Lords’ on that memorable day. Like it was all happening ‘live’. Lying on the bed, recuperating from my congestion, I was impressed. What a wonderful idea. They paid a fantastic tribute to India’s world cup glory and took us all into the past to re-live the special moment. I was only 6 at that time, and had just started my second year at school! So I cannot remember a thing. But thanks to this novel idea it was like being transported on a time machine to witness one of India’s greatest Sporting achievements.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

We took Ananya to see the local republic parade that was organized at Vikram Ground, West Hill . The flag was unfurled by the minister of Industries. And I heard the National Anthem after a really long time. I joined in, awashed by memories and tears! As the parade walked past at tandem, I was transported back to my school days when we were part of the parade. There were three schools in the colony where we grew up and there used to be a competition between them. All the kids were taken to the grounds to cheer their team. There was march past, PT, Dance and singing competition and pride was at stake! It was good fun. Those were the days! And then we would rush home eating the ‘laddoos’ distributed to watch the TV and the DD broad cast of the republic day parade live from New Delhi. And like my cousin recently put it, it hasn’t lost its charm!
I love watching the parade, as a slice of Indian culture and Defence might marches past every bit proud and elegant. I hope to be there some day and witness it live.
The people of Calicut have launched a drive to declare Calicut district plastic free and on the occasion had organized a human chain from Azhiyur to Pantheerankaav, the two extremities of the district. Lots of school kids participated as did working members of different political parties and citizens. We did our part and stood in the line while M.T.Vasudevan Nair, the renowned Malayalam writer read out an oath which was heard all along the stretch of people via loud speakers. Since then I am becoming aware of how much plastic we all use in our daily lives and many if not all can be avoided. Using cloth carry bags for shopping is the least we can do. Plastic has replaced all our storage jars in the kitchen. Perhaps we can go back to the Glass jars of yore. Most of the cosmetics that we buy come in plastic containers. It would be nice if the manufacturers bought the containers back for reuse. Many of the toys come packaged in plastic moulding. We once bought a printer where the shock absorbing casing was made out of recycled paper and I was impressed. Clearly, more people should be doing this.
I don’t think plastic can be avoided but we can reduce its use and also initiate a good disposing system primarily a recollection centre. This has to be tackled at the administrative level with suitable legislation. We can start by putting away all unnecessary plastics.