Friday, December 05, 2008

My baby reminds me of Don Quixote. Much like the great man wielding his sword at the wind mills, my girl has taken to the ceiling fan. While the Dutchman saw them as foes, the fan is a constant source of fascination for my girl. Particularly when at slow speeds, the blades are visible and there is a shallow hum. She instantly looks at the ceiling and smiles in pleasure. Many a times they hold a conversation, the fan and my girl, to which I am not privy, not unlike too lost chums meeting after a long time. My girl has started rolling on to her tummy but still spends a lot of her playtime lying on her back and I have to admit it that in that position, there is not much of a view but of the old faithful ceiling fan rotating in fair weather or foul. People with Air Conditioning are missing something. SO the big advantage is that I don’t need a mobile entertainer for my girl. She has a very interactive session with the fan often raising her voice in glee. There are times when I on either switching off the fan to a stop or increasing it to top speed ( when the blades no longer appear separate) have been greeted with a long whine of protest from my daughter!!! I have even sought the fans help at times when my daughter refuses to lie down preferring to be carried. The fan acts as the perfect distraction so poor mommy can stretch her back after carrying 12 pounds of pink flesh with a fascinating smile, on her shoulder and arms!

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