Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What do you do when you are feeling low and depressed?
Try cleaning the bathroom.
How does it work?
The main reason for depression if you evaluate it is self pity. A feeling of frustration at your state wishing things were different. Keep yourself busy and help others and depression will melt away.
When you clean the bathroom, you get to spend some time with yourself, you get to finish a job that you have been puting off since ages and as the floor starts to shine again it lifts your spirits.
You can also try ironing clothes or arranging the wardrobe. Works the same way. The shift from a state of disorder to order instills the same state on your mind.

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Balachandran V said...

If cleaning bathroom could alleviate depression, I will have to take on the entire municipal public toilets! :D
Kalps, one has to love cleaning the bathroom, you know, if that should lift your spirits. I have several of these instant, at-hand therapies - like sweeping the house, dusting and tidying up my books, lying down on the floor with my dogs and hugging them close - sweeping is very effective; with every stroke of the broom, I metaphorically remove the dust and dirt from my mind... And when each room is finished, I take a rest and look around with pride and satisfaction. Nothing like it to lower my BP!