Sunday, January 10, 2010

The terrible twos are here. And the signs of what lies ahead has manifested. My toddler wants to do everything or most things on her own. She prefers the shiny sandals to boring brown shoes. Hates taking off a nice dress once worn. Wants to walk on her own, a relief to my tiring shoulders. Likes to eat by her self and in the process creates a colossal mess at the table! Yes she is having fun! Its fun teaching her words coz she is picking them up at a good rate. Though she only manages to mutter the first syllable of most words, she can make herself understood. My favorite right now is tilting her head to one side after she has devoured the butter I gave her and saying “ mo(re)!” My heart melts like the butter in her mouth! Yes she can say ‘Banana’ and the next target would be .. chechoslovakia? I have no idea if I spelt it right!
Her bedtime routine has gone for a toss. I still have rudiments of it in place but she now sleeps when she wants to. Never mind if she can’t stop yawning but prefers to stretch her playtime as late as possible. The easiest and fastest way to get her out of the bedroom would be to suggest “sleep” to her! Initially I was reluctant to change the routine and only managed to get her angry and wild and ever more difficult to put down to bed. It took my husband’s insight to make me let go off her routine. She sleeps late but it is definitely more peaceful. She still doesn’t sleep through. And now I don’t expect it. I prefer to wait for it to happen. There is nothing more I can do about it!
Very soon it will be time for preschool. Meanwhile I am stepping back on the career wagon. Change is on the anvil.


Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

That’s one gem of a post. Liked it immensely. I always feel that one should look at kids and the way they are treated by their mothers. What a mess they make sometimes, and the mother is always so patient. We all have come through this, pampered, cajoled and loved…and still we see people around who send their mothers to old age homes or treat them harshly. If only they watched how an infant is treated by its mother. Wish you a very happy New Year and all the best for your career.

ab said...

Books that preach on bringing up kids sometimes influence one so much that we let go of our natural instincts of parenthood. We don't want to do what we want to. We'd rather do what some German or British author want us to believe is to be done.
I believe we should not let go of our parental instincts. Read books. Let them influence you. But always go back to your instincts. If the book talks of a bed time routine, try and follow it. Maybe it is good for the kid. But when your baby just screams her heart out when the routine starts, then should you not add a pinch of salt to all that the western experts talk of? Should you not let your instincts take over?

I am all for instinctive parenting that is build on a bed of information gleaned from books!!!

kaalpanique said...

@Arun new year wishes to you too! yes but the fact remains that children can never love their parents like parents love their children. I sometimes believe that maybe they are designed to forget what their parents did for them else the feeling of gratitude would be soo immense and bogging, they would never bloom as individuals. :)
@AB thanks mate!