Monday, December 13, 2010

Jiddu Krishnamurthy is like this ocean of knowledge, mostly incomprehensible, from where you dig in and draw a cup every now and then and sip it and savour it trying to understand the simple truth of existence. And every sip opens a tiny window deep within, unlocks the shutters to a chamber and an iota of clarity dawns into your consciousness.
“…by being what you really are. By trying to see what is … somehow I have acquired a certain character. Now I must try and see myself as I am and I must make no effort to be anything else… I am not advocating self-indulgence that a thief remain a thief. I must not submit to my weakness but I should not indulge in the opposite of my weakness either, as a way of getting rid of it…” (By observing the negative in a passive and dispassionate way with a receptive mind determined to examine the phenomenon without passing judgement, without condemnation. Looking for it cause with our total attention,n but never trying to puch it away, then there is no conflict and the negative emotion is apprehended from and entirely new angle.) “Suddenly I will discover that a transformation takes place in myself without any planning on my part, a creative transformation…”
In this connection I was thinking about reservation for minorities. And I understand why reservation fails. Because trying to segregate a certain section of people in order to give them special attention only deepens the divide forever relegating them to a class different from main stream. Creating more division and more inequality. I don’t want to question the intentions of Gandhiji, but when he embraced the ‘untouchables’ and uplifted them calling them harijans, he created an invisible transparent glass chamber for them in which they were doomed to remain for ever, never breaking free and merging with convention.
When we focus on our weakness, we are highlighting it even more thus making it strong. When we preach positive thinking, the negatives are only temporarily swept under the rug where they rot and stink unseen until the stench overpowers us causing more depression. Repression is not the solution. Acceptance is. And that comes with awareness. Awareness without judgment or emotion.


Balachandran V said...

The separation of the class, 'Untouchables' existed before Gandhiji. By giving them a common name, 'Harijans' he only tried to bring them to the mainstream together and to uplift them. Now they identify themselves as Dalits; a rose by another name.

caste/class difference will always be there, in all human societies. More so, in India. It is a futile exercise to bring all to one class.Now we have different sections among Dalits themselves.

As for your last words, see what Osho had said about acceptance and awareness ( my earlier post).

anilkurup said...

The Minorities and the socially and financially backward too want to stay the way. As graduating into mainstream will make them ineligible for the doles.

Awareness, acceptance both are complimentary aren't they?

kaalpanique said...

tho the classes existed before, at the time of independence the leaders had an opportunity to eradicate it with correct policies.. think they failed grossly...and now because of the populist politics, the minorities demand and get their dole...