Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Chip off the old block

I love to watch rain fall. The sound, the cool air and the feeling of laziness that comes with it. Of course I look forward to the sun after days of rain but you know what I mean. The occasional heavy downpour when you are home, warm and dry! Being an archiect, I have planned many houses with a terrace. A private terrace or verandah where one can sit and do nothing but watch the rain pelting on the vegetation, making ripples in young puddles. Its a phenomenon that soothes all the senses... The sound, the smell, the sight, the touch and if you like it, the taste! I share this passion with my father in particular. On many occasions I have heard him suggest the same. Once i remember remarking.. "Oh I love watching the rain." And my dad joked," There is now no doubt that you are my daughter!"
Recently we moved into our 9th floor apartment at Ernakulam. I now share my rain watching pastime with my daughters.
Another thing I like to watch is city lights at night. I remember my aunt's breezy apartment at Chennai whom we visited during vacations. It had balconies where I liked to stand for hours looking at the city lights dreaming of having a place like that when I grew up. Some wishes do come true!
Recently my parents visited us at our apartment. And I found him on many occasions, standing in the balcony looking at the night lights!
It amuses me to think not only do I look like him but there also these quirks that I have inherited!!!

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