Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ayudh puja in changing times

Ayudh puja. A day I looked forward to as a school going kid for once my mother had put my books (usually the dreaded mathematics textbook) for puja we didn't have to touch books for a day and a half. What bliss! For a change nobody told you to go and study. Of course that didn't stop us from sneaking and reading our favorite storybooks! No work... all play... all day long! The blessed days when there was no television or computers so we kids in the neighbourhood would climb trees, pluck fruits, eat figs and never feel hungry enough to go home but tanned playing in the autumn sun. What do kids do these days for a day and half? Watch TV I suppose. Or sit on the computer and game.There are no playgrounds, no parks to go to.
So thats what I did. I watched elephants and meer cats on Animal Planet with my 14 month old daughter. She loves them particularly the elephant calves. So much that she doesnt understand why we periodically change the channel and interrupt her( read commercial breaks). But I also make it a point to take her out in the yard to run around either in barefeet or with these squeaky shoes of hers. I only wish she had play mates her age in the vicinity but alas there are none. So we play with her toys instead. There is Noddy who is always goign to sleep and the Teddy who made an appearance on her favorite channel the other day. Except he was called koala bear! And of course there is her Doggie that sings different tunes.
Ayudh puja. The day cars and bikes get washed and dabbed with the traditional haldi and kumkum. And all machines implements and tools. As a new student of painting I felt the urge to place my paints and brushes for prayers. I do hope the divine blessings help me scale the magnificient and alluring mountain of painting. I think of spending some time on the computer and wonder. Are not computers our modern day tools? Shouldn't they be sacntified as well? Placed along with our books with a dab of haldi and kumkum! Oh I think I will just take my notebook and place it for Puja. Notebook here by the way is my laptop. :)
Changing times.


Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Haaa…that made me go back, to the good old days. For me Ayudhapuja was the most awaited festival, no prize for guessing why. And you know the irony was, though hell-bent on not even having a glance at those damned text books, I used to come home with a bundle of Balarama, Balamangalam, Poombatta…which I got in exchange with my copies from friends. I think it was the poet Rafeeque Ahmmad who wrote these lines: “Poya kaalam thirichethukillennulla neru poal neerilla veronnu jeevanil…”

Hey, I read somewhere that it’s not good for kids under the age of 3 to watch TV as the random movement of images on TV will effect their brain development.

kaalpanique said...

OH i didnt know the reason. thanks. i thought kids are not allowed to watch TV cos of all the violence they might see!