Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tough times are like bad medicine

It’s a huge struggle to give my little girl her medicine. She has come down with a bad cold that has become congestion and her doctor prescribed antibiotics. The sweetening technique by the pharmaceutical company did not work. My baby still cannot stand it. She breaks into uncontrollable cries and loud protests leaving me with no option but to force it down her throat. And that causes her to hate it more. While a little spills out, I hope at least something gets down her throat. I have come to hate it as much as she. I wish I didn’t have to give it to her but I know I have to, so she gets better. She doesn’t understand it of course and cannot understand why her mother is putting her through so much anguish. But within seconds after the unpleasantness during which she shrieks and cries at the top of her voice and is soaked in sweat, she is her normal self, smiling. I wonder, if only she struggled less, the medicine would be easily dispensed with reducing our misery. The more she struggles the more she prolongs the anguish.
But who am I to give advice. Am I any better? That got me thinking…All the bad times that we go through is like bad medicine that the Maker is giving us so we get better. So we overcome our vices which if left untreated would cause further agony and no spiritual development. And so no matter how much we struggle or protest or cry, we still have to drink the potion. The more we struggle the worse the situation gets. The maker like a mother is in pain too to see His children suffer but continues to deliver the tough times because they are for our good.


Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Vow! I love it, how subtly you've woven a fine thought beneath a mundane happenstance. You've a way with words as well and that makes me a green-eyed monster.

kaalpanique said...

Thank you Arun. Thats encouraging