Monday, October 12, 2009

Small talk

Let’s talk
Even if there is nothing to
Let’s ask how the weather is
What did you dine on today?
Or just simply ‘how was your day’
Small talk to keep the conversation going
To fill the awkward first meetings
Small talk to hang on to breaking strands of relationships
So family dinners are not shattered in silence

Small talk it is if nothing else
Pardon my persistence
For I ask the obvious.
I repeat the questions time and again
For its not your answer I seek
But the voice you speak with
Because when words dry up doors are shut

I patronize I control
Don’t fret too much about it
Anger is not a pleasant bedmate
So talk and let go

I sleep today with a blank mind
No regrets or nagging thoughts
Tomorrow is a brand new day.
For another cycle of
Small talk


Balachandran V said...

K, that was great stuff! The terse, detached stream of words, the scenes, the mockery - loved it!

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Small talk, pathetic my skills are when it comes to small talk. (Not that I’m good at talking about serious stuff). Liked the irreverence in the first part and the transformation of it in the second, you know how much small talk matters in life, huh?

anil said...

Kapu, good to see you are having fun with your writing. Way to go.

kaalpanique said...

B, i was wondering if the mockery will be evident. so it is.. thank you :)
Arun, I am not so good with small talk... i am the listener here.. in a way!
Eta.. good to see u