Sunday, November 15, 2009

Permanent in past

Future uncertain like writings on sand
Short lived, changing…
With every wave of whims and dreams
Wishes run amok like wild horses
Painting the blank canvas
With splendid colors
Wants displacing needs…
Sweet desires building castles of glass
Fragile, precariously hanging on the precipice
Shimmering in rainbow colors
Like a floating naked bubble
Destined to perish to nothingness
Future like a slow conveyer belt
Looming ahead, approaching…
Excitable fearsome hopeful

Time passes through the doorway
Of the present moment

And then

Engraved on marble now
Joyful or sorrow but
Relegated to the archives of history
Stored in perfume bottles of nostalgia
Recorded as mere statistics
Etched in distant memory

Hopes die
Battles are lost
Dreams are shattered
Hearts sink
Tears inundate

You cannot do a thing
And all that you try to do
Changes nothing
You can hit
Prick. Kill.
But time marches on
Dangling the carrot of future
Seemingly malleable
Destiny follows like the faithful shadow
Ticking the correctness of events
As was intended always
As was written
As it slowly sets
Into the unalterable past


Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

“But time marches on
Dangling the carrot of future”

That’s wisdom, that realization. Am I right? And I just love this mage of ‘time marching dangling the carrot of future’. One of the stories I read as a child had contained that, a cruel farmer making his donkey walk faster by dangling a carrot in front of it. I think it was Somerset Maugham who said; “I can sum up everything I learned about life in three words ‘it goes on’.” Keep it coming.

Ar. Kalpana Abhijith said...
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kaalpanique said...

hi arun
you know we keep planning our future and assume all that will happen.. but it seldom does..btw i was inspired to write this after that cricket match against australia when we came so close to winning..after having no hopes of a win i started hoping when sachin played that momentous innings and we got so close you could smell victory only to lose.. and there is nothing we can do abotu it.. mere statistics that will say we lost that match.

Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Avid fan you must be! But isn’t the beauty of the game lies in its great uncertainties? I stopped watching the game long back but there was a time I watched it ball by ball, those were the days!

kaalpanique said...

i agree. just that its hard when u play well and lose :) i like cricket. dont get to watch too many matches these days though..