Friday, November 07, 2008

19th August , 2008
It would be nice to record all these emotions that inundate me. Those that I experience continuously as a new mom. But there is a dearth of free time. I get time to myself only when my girl is asleep or playing with somebody else. She likes to keep me in sight and gets bored if left alone to play. so I have to be an active partner in her games...entertaining and getting entertained. Spare moments are hard to come by, primarily because while she sleeps I usually have other chores to complete. Never ending cycle of chores that include washing her clothes, drying them, folding them... and trying to keep the room tidy. Then I need to eat and have a bath!...All achieved when she is in a good mood or better still, is sleeping. I sometimes find words springing up in my mind leaping to be written down. But they must be postponed to a moment in future. A moment such as now when I can finally give the words a place to rest.

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