Monday, November 03, 2008

Make believe. Pretentious.
Obscure. Corrupted
Words spew out from the mouth
A pale relative of the true emotions
Raging like a storm
Thoughts unbridled, spontaneous
Mushroom in the fertile soil.
Like wind blowing across frontiers,
Untamed, unfathomable,
Blessed with secretive sanctity
Brutally honest, fearless.
Coming to life when interpreted
And in misinterpretations
Naive words made a scapegoat.
Blamed for war and fire
When it was only a messenger.
Shot in place of hideous desires
Menacing and smirking inside.
Don’t trust the words for they are
Doomed to be untrue
A poor imitation to the unspoken feelings
Listen to the heart instead
Hear the words unspoken
Unearth the truth lurking between the lines
Feel the emotion that gently exudes
Unnoticed thru' the eyes
Before it gets garbed in words
glamourised or demonised.
Never has a word done justice
to the emotion, Of which
Its just an unillustrious offspring
Whether it was despair or anger
love or hate
Either falling short
or exaggerating the rage
Let the words pass like waves
Perishing in the moment and reborn in another
Open your inner eyes to the truth unclothed
Rising in the womb of eternity
As slimy uncorrupted thoughts

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