Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Child
Living in the moment
Breaking into peals of laughter
At a funny face
Crying the heart out at a treat denied
A child
Forgetting the pain
In a moment of distraction
Refusing to take a moment to relax
So as not to miss out on life
Finding delight in the butterfly’s erratic flight
Absorbed in the petals of a bloom
A child
Not judgemental about the color or the culture
Ignorant of the divides
Only seeing the love inside

A child trusting, keeping faith
A child loving unconditionally
A child vulnerable and yet so strong

Isn’t that all there is to live for
Who are we to teach them how to live
Lets live like children


anilkurup said...

Certainly you are enjoying the early motherhood. Good luck and good wishes to you and the little one

kaalpanique said...

@anil. thanx. i dont want to miss anything...:)