Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The nurturing sleep

Tossing and turning
The mind, a turmoil of thoughts
Dark emotions rise and fall
As sleep keeps away.
Doubts abound, worries wrestle
Solution is lost in the clutter

Sleep finally arrives
Like rain in the desert
Sweet drops of dew on parched lips
Like a restorative
Curing the disease
A sponge to wipe the slate clean

Finally the day dawns
The waves of thoughts have calmed
The sediments of doubts have settled
And in that pristine unruffled water
Knowledge gleams through
Like treasure
Illuminating from the depths


anilkurup said...

Yes , when one is in self doubt and when things are not working our way this state will come.
And as you said sleep erases the state of mind and refreshes it by day.

Balachandran V said...

One would be lucky if sleep could erase pain... it would, only on the night that will not be followed by a morning...