Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I was reading something that Sri Sri Ravi Shanker said on decision making. He says "freedom of choice leads to confusion and indecision." It makes perfect sense.

We have discontinued our daughter's preschool. I wasn't entirely convinced it was the right decision and desperately sought some divine sign that it was okay. For some time she seemed to be coping well but relapsed into cries at the school and was not exactly mixing with her classmates which was the primary intention of sending her to play school. Most of the kids are older. Two - years olds' are better with few children in the same age group who are similar in temperament. I guess the environment was not compatible. There were no children for the toddler group which would have been better. I so wish there was a mother- toddler group in town. I have noticed that children going to day cares from an early age do have some advantages. They are usually more social and less shy and we thought a play group would be the best of both worlds - few hours of social interaction. But we were prepared to go ahead only if she was comfortable with the idea. A month down the line I realised it wasn't working and to avoid any negative thoughts brewing in her mind about schooling, I thought it best to pull her out. We can wait.
I can't help but feel fortunate that I am not forced to send her away to play school like so many working parents. For many its an easy decision to make for there is no choice. The child often ends up spending a full day under foster care and at a very early age.
My daughter is 2 years and 3 months old and hardly needs me. And I am learning to live and cope to being pushed to secondary status in terms of importance in her life! I am reclaiming my space, lying neglected in months of dust. And I can't help but feel a contentment when it comes to my daughter... that I have given her my best and I couldn't possibly have done more. She is a happy toddler, independent, assertive and loads of fun. She is talkative, loves role playing and likes to be read to. She is a non fussy eater. She eats with the rest of the family, and eats what they eat. She likes to paint... and splash in her bathtub! Likes Andy Pandy and Mister Maker on CEEBEEBIES ...She is enjoying her toddler life to its fullest.
I can look ahead... without guilt or regrets... at a job well done. Its a good feeling.


anilkurup said...

Seeing you after quite some time. I guess I commented on your last post about the pre-schooling decision you took.
I m glad to see that you took the little one out of this neo concept .
Good for her and you. What ever the constraints on the parent I cannot see any sensible thing in sending a two year old to a school.
Good luck to you and the little one. Hope she develops a close bond with you.

kaalpanique said...

Thanx anil. i hope so too. if i had it my way i wouldnt send her to school at all! :D

rukhsana said...

I really support your decision. Was thinking of putting my two year old in a play school but my mother stepped in to help me out for a few hours in the morning. It was a relief. My little one loves both sets of grand parents and is spoilt silly by them! That is how life should be when you are two.

kaalpanique said...

@rukhs yes thats what a 2 year old's life shud be:)