Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creation cannot be achieved by traversing the known paths. You have to get off the beaten road on to uncharted territory... linger there and perhaps in a fertile mind, the seeds of new thoughts and ideas would germinate. Often art is a mixture of effort and accident. When the road map that promises you to some place you imagined gets lost and new maps are drawn that lead you to unknown locales... and you follow the instincts to that place... where the journey of discovery is enchanting in itself... consummating in the splendid explosion of creation. And you wonder... Did I do this? Perhaps not. Perhaps you were helped by some unknown force of love. An invincible hand that guides the paint brush or the sculptor’s chisel. A lovely accident.


anilkurup said...

Well crafted .
Is there someone guiding the paint brush ? I do not know for sure. Seems unlikely. Going into uncharted territory- reminds me of the Poem of Robert Frost ,"The Road not Taken"

Balachandran V said...

In the preface to my collection of poems I have said the same thing; what you are is not all by yourself.

Actually there are no unknown territories; in our present state of consciousness we are unaware of them, that's all. There are no new thoughts, no new ideas. Its like the discovery of the Americas. It was always there, wasn't it? All our ruminations in the blog world and elsewhere - millions have gone over the same thing, many many times! But each time we interpret it and understand by ourselves - that's the creative part.

Whether in art or athletics, creation occurs when forces from within and without converge - in our arrogance we believe it to be our solo effort!

kaalpanique said...

i tried painting smthing.. and well i started with this idea .. and few accidental strokes changed the complexion and gave it a different new meaning... i was surprised... thats when i thought of this...:)

anilkurup said...

Blan's comment on peer group syndrome is true.
And also the want is created by the marketing agencies.They invent new products and plant convincing and tempting wants in the minds of consumers through advertising gimmicks. The story goes on