Friday, October 08, 2010

To a dear friend

can be like
An 'elastic band'!
The more it is stretched
The more it wears.
Enough to break
And then I move on

Or like this bowl of ice cream
That I cherish as long as I have it
full and creamy in my bowl
and then its over, licked.
I move on
To a different flavour!

Then there is you
This glass of wine
That I sip and savour
On nights of nostalgia
With my feet in the rug
And while I sip
The cup over flows
Mildly intoxicating
At once, pleasure and pain
Like the unsuspecting rain
leaving me drenched
in love and laughter

A shadow that stays with me for ever
yet never imposing.
That understands and retreats
Without resenting
When I choose to escape
Into my sacred private space
You wait with patience

You with whom I share my passions
Who is my only true mirror
that doesn't lie and doesn't hurt
where I see myself
Just the way I am

You. My only friend!


Balachandran V said...

My favourite quote on friends is : 'I treat my friends like the books in my library; I keep 'em where I can see them, but I never use 'em!

You never S--T--RETCH real friendship. You are always sensitive to the ebb - there is a lot of respect in friendship, you know. Friendship is like the burning coals in a hearth; you got to keep on fanning them. You fan them with love and respect, to keep it alive...

kaalpanique said...

think u r right B. You got to fan it to keep it alive. It helps tho if u feel like doing it with out any effort or sense of obligation. when it comes naturally in a relationship...loved the quote! so true. thats exactly how i like my friends...:D

anilkurup said...

I agree with Balan, friends and in general relationships are not to be stretched. ( Though I respect the poem ipso facto).
Sensitive and precious they are.But.........!