Friday, October 08, 2010

only a moon

They shine. Like the sun
In the morning sky
Spellbinding and glorious
Fiery and majestic
Dispersing the darkness of ignorance
With the beacon of their writing
Spreading warmth and joy
To solemn hearts
Rinsing their minds and
Moulding their thoughts

I am but a poor poet
Who shines like the moon
If you may
With no light of her own
But ever once in a while
I reflect
The light that is thrown on me
And I hope it lights up
The path of a weary traveller
On a cold dark night of gloom


Balachandran V said...

Every one is a moon. Every one draws energy from someone, somewhere else. If you think you are a moon, I would say you are the brightest; the poem has an inner glow and it lights up a glow in my heart too. Watching the maturing of writing is like watching the rise of the full moon...

kaalpanique said...

AW.... B. i am touched.

anilkurup said...

Goodness me , my friend Balan is moving fast to enlightenment and into a sagacious - philosophical thinker His comments denote so..
I do agree with him nevertheless, we all imbibe energy, light (and wisdom if we ever have) from those around us , living things ,the dead, ..
Don't you think so?

As for you I guess you indeed were a moon evolving into a little star.Have the confidence and keep writing

kaalpanique said...

@anil.. thanks a lot. :)