Sunday, December 04, 2005


the majestic beast of the wild...

our national animal...

fighting its last battle to survive.

After the success of Project Tiger under the governance of Indira Gandhi, everyone thought they had done their best to nurture the tiger away from extinction .... but sucessive years of neglect and incessant poaching has taken a huge toll.
So much that the tiger is left in the dwindling forests of this country fighting its last battle to survive the human greed and neglect. this is THE last chance to do something ere we are left admiring the animals grace in museums and photo archives. Our national animal to our national relic?

and if that doesn't move you, here's something that will.
no tigers..... no forests.
no rains
no rains.... no humans.

visit the link given below and pledge your support as i have already.
make a difference .

also check out other getinvolved links @

Here's something you can do.

"if the buying stops, so will the killing" National Geographic

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