Tuesday, December 06, 2005

a wee bit of an idea
fleets into my mind.
its beauty and simplicity leaves me enthralled...
where did it come from?

as suddenly as it appeared,
it promises to dissolve itself
into the limitless ocean of my consciousness
cluttered with thoughts numerous
entering unabated unsolicited thru' the senses

i spring up to record it for eternity
but my mind loses its grasp on the force of the idea
it slips away from the bondage of my mind
and disappears with out a trace...
here i am left musing
on just a shadow of something
i knew was beautiful like a dream
that wakes me up filling
my heart with hope and joy
but only the fragrance remains,
lost is its being.
i mourn the death.
May be it will rise again
from its mysterious womb
in some other moment of time
in a different mind.

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