Thursday, December 15, 2005

world space comes as a boon to music lovers... imagine about 40 channels
of music crossing all genres that one might be interested in... if that
isnt elexir then what i am not getting paid by WS to say all this. but then someone
passionate about music would know why i am all excited...
indian and western classical... hindi film songs old and new.. pop, hip
hop, techno. retro rock jazz alternative rock
and a few regional music
channels. for the well informed u can also catch up with the latest news on
BBC CNN and NDTV.... case u have a spiritual frame of mind u also have
couple of those including art of living where u can listen to lively talks
sprinkled with humour by sri sri ravi shanker..
what better way to kick start the day...
does that whett ure appetite???

happy listening

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