Thursday, December 15, 2005

i like the concept of GOD. it makes me smile. happy. It really doesnt make any difference whether He does exist in fact. or doesn't. It is nice to think of a strong power that causes everything to happen and controls everything, who holds on his whims the dissolution of the entire universe.

if you have questions regarding what happens to us after death or what is consciousness or where does the soul of our body reside, do read CELEBRATING DEATH by DR. JOHN MUMFORD.
it helps answer some of those queries of the seeker...
worry not. it is not morbid but spiritual in content. a must read for the spiritually inclined.

i would like to quote (not necessarily verbatim) from the book.

there are five kinds of bodies or five components of the human existance...

physical also annamaya kosha: the physical matter made up of five elementswhich seekd nourishment in the form of air food water... this body runs with calories from the food we eat along with other minerals water and oxygen. this falls in the realm of physical science.

etheric body also pranamaya kosha:this is a matrix of pure energy that supports and feeds the physical body . this runs on prana (chi or the holy ghost according to your belief)it is a system of pranic irrigational channels or nadis and there are key nodes (referred in acupressure. the phantom limb that amputees experience can be attributed to the etheric body.

Astral (emotional) also manamaya kosha:it is a body glued together or held by emotion or feeling. the so called illusion or maya inducing being.

Mental body also vijnamaya kosha: the intellect or buddhi capable of logic (note that it exists beyond the physical body)

Spiritual body also anandmaya kosha: The spiritual body which is our essence and our consciousness. that part which is one with the cosmic consciousness. into which it must merge in the end being purified of the taints of all attachments to other bodies.

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