Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ash is now black. I can barely tell him from Pele just that he is still a little smaller. These black sharks have silver stripes on their body and are quite magnificent. But dud wits they remain. The goldfish go for the food almost as soon as I put the food in. The sharks take a long time. Will I be able to put the two couples together in the same fish bowl? I so long to. But then again, the sharks are the more intelligent. They get in a frenzy trying to escape capture swimming round and round at a maddening pace as I found out trying to relocate them. I had a tough time changing the water in the bowl. But on the other hand its so easy to catch the goldfish. I wonder why they don’t struggle.
Have they been conditioned to docility after years of fishbowl culture? Perhaps they no longer remember the times when they were free and not imprisoned in a fish bowl. They have genetically evolved into these fish bowl creatures. Beautiful. Destined for Captivity.
Looking at these fishes in their bowl always remind me of these lines by Pink floyd from their cult classic ‘wish you were here’.
We are like two lost souls
Swimming in a fish Bowl
Year after year

Its poignant. I feel the helplessness. It would have been better to see them struggle and fight, show some spirit. But this acceptance of whatever comes.. this fatalism...

So many people I see around
Stuck in their lives like these fishes.
Dulled into acceptance.
With no fight left or a memory of it
Pecking what comes their way
Knowing not passions and failures
Success and disappointment.
Love and hatred
Pain and relief
A life devoid of desires
Just breathing
Waiting for the morningless sleep
Or are these enlightened beings?
Above the dualism of life
Peaceful without desires
Perhaps they swim
In contemplation
Of spiritual things
Laughing at me
As I peer down on them
With my eyes dripping pity
Running from one unfulfilled desire to the next
Stuck in the wheel of life?
An ignorant low being?

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