Monday, February 08, 2010

A verse to my parents

Dear mother
I love thee
I never showed it
For I never learnt to
I borrowed the words of my soul
From cards I chose with care
And hoped it would make up
For the truth I was too cowardly to share
Oh mother
Now that I am one too
I understand the pain you went thru’
And not just when I was flung out
From the warmth of your womb
Into this scary world
But oh on so many nights of pain and ague
When you held my fractured soul
When you put me first above all your needs
And indulged and spoilt me over
I still crave for the security
Of the beautiful home you keep
The doors always open
The food always warm
And on dark nights of rain and thunder
When I cringe under the sounds of the heaven
I feel reassured
For you slept in the next room
Mother Thank You
For inspiring
For nurturing

Dear daddy
You are my friend
In good times and better,
We had fun without end
You worked hard to bring home the bread
You drank the hardship of life
Till your throat turned blue
I understand you
Your impatience, your temper
For I am so like you
I understand your sulks and your moods
For I inherited them too
You love sitting at home in the rain
And that’s the way I like it
We may not so often talk
But I am proud to be the chip of the old block
Dear father
You expected a great deal from my self
But I chose to follow my whims and dreams
But I hope someday you can
Let rest your frustrations
I didn’t get where you wished to see me
But I am where I like to be
Thank you for the guiding hand
The encouragement and yet restrained
The safety net when I fell
The push when I needed to go ahead
Thank you
For pushing
For consoling

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