Saturday, February 06, 2010


Travelling by train always fills my heart with joy. Its probably nostalgia, reminiscent of summer vacations and the long trip to my hometown. More than a bus or any other form of travel, a train journey is in itself a destination, cherished.
I travelled recently from Calicut to Tellicherry by train. A mere hour and 5 minutes journey time... But that was enough to send my heart jingling. There were these college kids flitting in and out of the coupe' looking like they rule the world. Nonchalant. Confident. Knowing they are watched. With faces glowing in radiance with dreams of their future. Not unlike horses raring to go.. to take on the world. I remember when I was one too. Albiet a little shy... wary of unwanted attention often imposed on a woman travelling alone. And yet adventurous. That was a decade back! I loved being 25. Young enough so life was still a clean slate. Old enough to know good from bad. The slender period of independence juxtaposed between the dependence and the dependents... I wish time could have stopped at that age. I think a tiny part of me got frozen at that wonderful age.
As one of the rambunctious college frequent stood near the door right next to my window and broke into love songs, I couldnt help but think... had I been younger I would have got peeved at that... embarassed.. thinking every whistle was aimed to pique me. Every song was sung to grab my attention and I would scrupulously avoid all 'amorous' eye contacts. I would hide my head in the hole in the ground like the ostrich! Now, at few days short of being 33, with a toddler asleep in my arms.. I was grateful and took it as a compliment. Which is more, I hummed along...:)


Balachandran V said...

Say, K, suddenly a peek into a rarely seen you! :) What I loved most is the part - thinking that the boy's songs were for you! :D.

Yes, as years pass, our rough edges smoothen out, we mellow, we become kinder and more tolerant. At least some do!!!

kaalpanique said...

i know.. and if you can look back and say " oh god i was so silly" i think thats a good thing. it means u know better today.. i only wish i knew then what i know now. i would have lived life fuller!