Monday, February 08, 2010

Misgivings of an apologetic native

Who am I? I ask.
Where am I from? I wonder
Bred outside in other cultures
Born away from my native land
Visiting on summer vacations
Speaking gibberish
I am an apologetic native
I am lost. I don’t belong.

Assimilating all that I saw and heard
In different hues, coloured.
No longer have I an identity
My own is lost in
A cauldron of odour
Restless like the wind. A free?
Or a loose?... spirit.
Bound for a nomadic existence
Searching for a rest place.
Where I can put up my feet
Where I belong

But are we not all nomads?
Mere mortals, from birth to death?
Stamped with a culture
By the accident of birth
Showing off our identity
See? I belong.
Defending, possessing.
Accusing, Judging
Departing from the stage
When the role is over

Ask not where I am from
For I cannot answer truthfully
Ask not where I am going…
I am like the river forging its destiny
Through rugged unknown land
Like the wind am I
Blowing across frontiers
Breathing in the smell
Of a thousand and more
enchanting cultures
I, a weary confused traveler,
Am just passing thru’
In this transient illusion

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