Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some days
living life like I am
Aimless at times...
lethargic at other
Running sometimes like the hare
Wincing at the clock in his paws
On pensive evenings
I get the feeling
That time is running out
I can almost hear
the grains of sand falling
There is some unfinished work
Something more I had to share
Before the knell resounds


Balachandran V said...

Awww, Kalps, don't write such sad stuff, leave it to older people like me! :D. I sometime realise how I have become like the old I knew when I was young! But don't you strain your ears for that knoll; you can be young only once, be young and happy!

It is a nice, though a bit sad poem. But don't you look at the falling grains of sand in the hourglass...

kaalpanique said...

And.. its also about this feverishness to do so many things! like time is not enough! its about living today like you will die 2moro! WEll i dont intend to grow old. will always be 25!;)